Build the Peoples’ Democratic Workers Party!

Unite the many, defeat the few! The masses of working and oppressed peoples in America have no organized political representation to lead our struggle and fight for our interests, to unite and organize us. We must build a Party to provide political leadership to our struggles on the basis of Peoples’ Democracy, majority rule and community control over the institutions which affect our lives. This Party must be built at the grassroots, from the ground up, openly and democratically. It should center around local elections to win power where it can be had immediately, based on our organizational capacity in this time, place and condition.

Recognizing our current defensive position, this advancement must also recognize that, in elections in which there does not yet exist the organizational capacity to challenge for office e.g. for president, we must take every opportunity to isolate and defeat the principal enemy, to create the best available conditions in which to organize the democratic struggle. Peoples’ Democracy must mean the establishment of actual, not merely formal, democracy based on the equality and self-determination of oppressed peoples. On this basis, the majority of people and the working class can unite in political organization to fight for our common interest against our common enemy.