Olympic squeeze: who benefits?

Downtown development, USC expansion and the soccer stadium on one end; Inglewood football stadium, LAX and a planned Clippers arena on the other; with Destination Crenshaw slicing through, anchored by the coming “high end!” Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza — what will happen to the great 8th District’s working class residents? Who is the clientele for “Destination Crenshaw?”

Our long neglected South Central home is now prime real estate for displacement and development. Are we to be pushed out of our city? What will the Olympics leave for our community? Workers and our families and neighbors are being squeezed by the profit agenda of massive developers, banks and corporations, and their political agents. We need a political party that speaks for workers, that we control, that will unite and organize us to fight for our own interests. We are in this campaign to build a Workers’ Party on the basis of Peoples’ Democracy.