A small selection of Cliff’s interviews, speeches, actions, and public demonstrations.

Viva viva Palestina!

Cliff Smith and members of the community demonstrated in support of Palestine in the Florence & Normandie neighborhood on Oct. 27, 2023.

Cliff Smith fighting to solve L.A.’s artificial Housing Crisis!

A study released 19 November, 2019, by researchers from the UCLA School of Law and nonprofit groups Strategic Actions for a Just Economy and the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, found that there are more vacant units in Los Angeles than there are homeless people. That the units are intentionally kept vacant to drive up prices, and that city officials “support” and “incentivize” the luxury real estate market “every step of the way.”

Unite the many, defeat the few! Elect Cliff Smith to L.A. City Council District 8

Join the campaign for Peoples’ Democracy, not paper democracy. Build the Peoples’ Democratic Workers’ Party! Unity & Struggle!

Interview with Los Angeles Labor Leader Cliff Smith, Bus. Mgr. Roofers Union Local 36

From the WFTUFSM channel, 2017.

Cliff Smith – Roofers Union Local 36 on their recent trip to Tijuana to assist migrant families

From the WFTUFSM channel, 2020.

Statement of Cliff Smith, Roofers Union Local 36 Los Angeles, on the latest developments in the US

From the WFTUFSM channel, 2020.

Cliff Smith mobilizing voters for affordable housing in L.A.

2019 — Build Better L.A. — Measure JJJ to build affordable housing passed with 64% of voters in favor, against the big developers with no help from elected officials. An independent coalition of labor unions and community activists put the question on the ballot and won!

Jubilee Shine at DA Gascon’s office pushing for Justice for Mona Rodriguez.

2021 — Cliff “Jubilee Shine” Smith agitating for charges in the murder of Mona Rodriguez, by a safety officer in Long Beach. We were also joined by the father of Andres Guardado

Cliff Smith (Jubilee Shine) Speaking at Commemoration of Rodney King Uprising

Florence and Normandie, April 29, 2012.

Roofers Local 36 demands the end of the Russian attack now and NATO should be dissolved now

2022 — Roofers Local 36 demands the end of the war in Ukraine now. The Russian attack should stop now, the NATO should be dissolved now and a substantial dialogue must be held.

Roofers Local 36 2nd demonstration against the US-NATO / Russia war in Ukraine

2023 — The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers, Local 36, held a demonstration Friday, March 17 at Los Angeles City Hall to demand U.S. withdrawal from NATO and the end of the NATO / Russia war in Ukraine.

Oscar Grant supporters demand Federal Investigation into Civil Rights violations

From StreetTV channel, 2010 — Oscar Grant supporters demand Federal Investigation into Civil Rights violations and express disappointment in the jury selection process which excluded all blacks from jury duty in the Johannes Mehserle trial. Jubilee Shine also hopes that Judge Robert Perry imposing the maximum sentence allowed by the law of 14 years for the conviction of involuntary manslaughter.

Marching thru Durban, South Africa with WFTU & COSATU

2016 — Closing the 17th Congress of the World Federation of Trade Unions with a march through Durban, led by the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

Pushing Bernie Sanders to Build a Workers’ Party

2016 — Roofers Local 36 Business Manager, Cliff Smith, getting a word in with Senator Sanders at the Labor for Bernie Sanders rally at the Port of Los Angeles.

Defending Fidel Castro and socialist Cuba from maniac gusanos, Echo Park, Los Angeles

2010 — we raised the victory banners above the crazy gusano counter revolution protest. of course they cant tolerate freedom of speech and assaulted us, the cowards rushing a woman first. when one level headed afro cubano member of theirs cautioned them to show respect the mad white dogs tore into him. long live peoples’ cuba! hasta la victoria siempre!

SCIC checkpoint protest Manchester & San Pedro 2/10/12

Feb. 11, 2012 — Local residents had spontaneously joined our checkpoint protest, but they didnt like that the police warning sign was 100 yards past the intersection, in the median, in the dark. So they went and pulled it to the corner where it was highly visible. The plainclothed cop in the unmarked car saw it and pulled over to carry it back to their spot when the uniformed police posted in the gas station across the street saw him walking away with their sign and yelled “Sir!” for him to stop (they were Latino he was white). It took a minute for them to figure out who he was. We were there 8:30pm-12:30am. The residents were still there when I left.

Protesting at the home of Sheriff Villanueva 11.18.2020

2020 — Demanding Sheriff Villanueva disclose the identity of the deputies who murdered Dijon Kizzee and Fred Williams. Sheriff Villanueva has refused to comply with repeated requests and subpoenas for cooperation with oversight investigations of the Civilian Oversight Commission and Office of the Inspector General. The names of killer deputies must be released to the public.

Cliff Smith Delegate speech at WFTU Congress, South Africa

17 World Trade Union Congress in Durban, South Africa, October, 2016, representing Roofers Local 36, the first U.S. trade union to affiliate to the World Federation of Trade Unions since 1949.

The Struggle In Labor, Unions & A Workers Party With Cliff Smith with Los Angeles Roofers Local 36

Cliff Smith is a leader of Los Angeles Roofer’s Union Local 36 and his local has supported the formation of a democratic workers party in the United States. He talks about why the labor movement needs it’s own party, the rise of fascism and also the role of internationalism for unions in the US and around the world. Smith also reports that his local was the first to affiliate with the WFTU. This interview was done on December 28, 2021. (WorkWeek, production of Labor Video Project)